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I am Patricia Standard. I studied a variety of art forms (including fashion, jewelry, and textile design) at the Academy of Art University where I earned my Associate in Fashion Design. However, it wasn't until 2018 that I was introduced to the world of acrylic pouring.

Since I discovered this technique, I have been HOOKED. I love the freedom I feel from allowing my paints to find their own place on my pouring surfaces. I hope my work allows viewers to have an emotional connection to each piece, just as I do.

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Academy of Art University

Associate of Arts, Fashion Design



April 12, 2019


Louisville Visual Art

Media Coverage

Nov 9, 2018

Vignette: Patricia Standard

Keith Waits for Louisville Visual Art


Artist Statement

   How surprised I am each day as I walk into my studio and see what my hands, some paint, and a surface can create! I never plan what my next piece will be, but simply pour my paints and allow the natural movement of my hands to assist with the creation of each piece. I never know what I’m going to get as I pour my paints onto my surface, which excites me more than anything.

   As I use acrylic paints on canvas, wood, or glass, I can create unplanned and fascinating works of art. I love the unexpected outcomes of my work. Watching the paints flow from a cup onto the surface fills my soul with excitement and happiness, and I’m so grateful I get to share that excitement and my creations with others.

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